Strategic Radius has a 3 phased program that leads to maximum asset management and utilization for hospitals and creates new efficiencies in workflow and increased customer satisfaction scores.

Verification of Assets

The first phase of the program is a complete asset inventory of capital assets and a merging of this information with the existing general ledger to ensure that the information is correct.

Any inconsistencies will be verified, and additions and deletions will be executed.

Strategic Radius will verify the cancellation of maintenance contracts on equipment that is no longer in use and provide written verification of all changes.

Strategic Radius will also life stage each piece of equipment utilizing its specialized color-coded system, which will allow for a 3 or 5 year capital equipment forecast.

Once phase one is complete, Strategic Radius will be responsible for maintaining the asset list as a living, breathing document, reflecting any changes made to assets as they happen on a going forward basis.

Tracking of Assets and Employees

Strategic Radius will place tracking tags on previously designated pieces of equipment within the facility. The equipment will be tracked using WIFI technology and Strategic Radius software on a virtual map. Our solution is unique to the healthcare vertical market and we provide an onsite asset manager to facilitate locating equipment in real time. The manager will also handle additions and deletions of equipment and any other services previously agreed to by Strategic Radius. This tracking system will work in the facility during times of natural disaster as long as the facility has a source of power and WIFI, even when there is no access to the Internet.

Asset Staging

The availability of resources to properly prepare patients for procedures greatly affects facility workflow and patient wait times. Often preparation of the surgical prep area does not include making sure the proper number of pumps, monitors and IV poles are on location and ready for all surgeries planned for the day. The process of making sure pumps, monitors and poles are onsite and ready for use prevents delays in getting patients properly prepared for the operating room. The same is true for preparing the floors to which those patients will be transported after surgery. Strategic Radius will make sure the proper equipment (i.e, pumps, monitors and poles) is on location to ensure nursing staff is not racing around trying to locate necessary equipment and patients are not having to wait for these items to be properly set up in their rooms. We will stage the locations previously agreed to in our proposal to the facility.