Who We Are

We are an asset management company with over 25 years of industry experience who focuses specifically on serving hospitals. We see the world as it could be, not merely as how it is, and we work to enrich the lives of everyone we touch within every organization with whom we interact. The products and solutions Strategic Radius offer not only involve tangible assets, but also innovative ideas, insights, and unique ways of problem solving. At Strategic Radius, we are not resigned to merely being repositories of intellectual capital, but we strive to utilize our knowledge and relationships to build the success of your organization. We enjoy problem diagnosis, framing, and, most importantly, resolution.

Strategic Radius was created to fill the gaps in the business of asset management that are not currently addressed in the healthcare marketplace. We focus on addressing decisions with real-time information, managing locations and access to equipment for maximized utilization and ROI potential, and using our own onsite team of professionals to manage the environment, while avoiding any tax on the client’s system to achieve these objectives.

We bring innovation, best practices, measurable KPI’s, and tangible value, all while lowering the cost of managing your organization’s environment. We strive to be your organization’s strategic partner, not just a vendor.